The Chronicles of Glasgow, Part II – Early Morning Comfort

Of course our first stop was Starbucks after it opened at 7:30…I got my classic drink, the iced venti grande skinny vanilla latte.

Okay fine, so my classic drink isn’t exactly that (it used to be a tall double chocolate chip frappaccino, no whipped cream, and then an iced venti skinny vanilla latte), but it was close enough, and Alex called me out on it in any case.

Had it warm for the first time ever.

Oh, I miss Shanghai Starbucks runs. :(

There’s just something about Starbucks that makes it feel like home. Haha I’m totally buying into their lies, but hey. Sue me. The place is comfortable and no matter where you go, it’s the same thing. (Ugh, globalization arguments…spare me..) I get Starbucks in Shanghai when I’m feeling out of place, and I resort to Starbucks in Scotland when it’s cold and I’m miserable.

Well done, Sbux. You’ve won me over.

…just not in America.

Di got a hot chocolate.

And then, about 45 minutes later, we both got another hot chocolate each. Heehee.

And this is where we met our new friend…go check out his blog at! :)

We ended up sitting in Starbucks for the first two hours of Scotland, no shame.

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