The Chronicles of Glasgow, Part III – Sustaining Human Life

To be perfectly honest, Glasgow is not the most interesting of cities. We wandered around for about three hours after finally leaving Starbucks, but there just isn’t much to see. It’s one of those things that you should go do, but afterwards, you don’t feel particularly enlightened or anything, you know?

So of course, when college kids are bored, what do we do?

We eat!

The Left Bank was recommended to us by a friend of a friend, so when we saw it on the street, we just popped in for lunch.

Pretty standard stuff, but at least the place was nice (I wasn’t able to capture a proper look, but just trust me, okay?)

I’m not sure what this is. I think she called it “dal”? It’s some sort of Indian thing, predictably spicy, and predictably not to my liking. (You would think that with all my friends, I’d like Indian food more…it’s just so not my thing!)

And since it was still 11AM (I told you we wandered for 3 hours and decided that there was nothing to do…) we got breakfast:

Plop plop plop.

That’s all I have to say about lunch.

Dinner was delicious though, we had Zizzi’s, a little Italian place on the West End of Glasgow.

Oh wait.

This was in Edinburgh.

Whoops. Memory fail…we ended up peacing out of Glasgow pretty early and going to Edinburgh where our accommodation for the night was…more on that later, but although this was the same day, these pictures should be under the Chronicles of Edinburgh! Oh well, I’m too lazy to change it now..

Pizza at Zizzi’s. The waiter was super nice, and really willing to help. We were deciding between getting one or two pizzas, since I think we were both kind of hungry but still kind of wary of ordering too much. The waiter said to just order one and then we can order more if we felt like it later, and he even had them cut up for us!

This was…I don’t remember the name but it was proscuitto and cheese and doesn’t it just look divine? Hungry again.

And then we had this for dessert.

Some sort of apple crumble (and again, the waiter didn’t mind that we ordered only one…in fact, we only ended up ordering one person’s meal for the both of us! Gosh, he was nice.) and it was delicious. Hot crumble and apple baked in the middle and cold ice cream on top.


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