The Chronicles of Glasgow, Part IV – This Is Only Together In One Post Because Everything Was Green.

There was a park in the middle of Glasgow. Kensington Park? Something like that.

We didn’t really care about the name of the thing, we were just interested in the huge dogs that looked like freaking bears…yes those are dogs. And yes they’re being led by two tiny frail looking old people. So cute, but I worry. Haha~

Random swarm of pigeons. I remember when I was in France with the parents ten years ago (holy crap has it really been ten years?), I used to buy a baguette for myself for breakfast, and a whole separate one to feed the birds with. Is that still socially acceptable behavior at 20? I hope so.

Random guy riding by on a unicycle. Is that a unicycle? It’s like a unicycle with training wheels, lol.

I don’ t think you guys understand just how badly I wanted to go down that big slide, but I think I would have scared the children.

And hey, do these look familiar?? No wonder mine didn’t grow…they were…weeds??

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