The Chronicles of Oxford, Part XV – An Embarrassment to Our Generation

(The last part of Oxford, finally!! Onto Scotland soon!)

First of all – if any of you know this boy, I apologize for being rude. But on with my story:

We were coming home from Oxford, waiting for a layover at one of the train stations. It was pretty chilly but Di and I were waiting on the platform as to not miss the train (which would have meant at least an hour delay and it was late enough as it is.) Suddenly, we hear wailing.

Straight up whining, wailing, begging. It was a boy’s voice and first thought was, “Wow that child has a really developed voice.”

But nope, it wasn’t a child, it was this kid:

He looks normal, right? Looks calm? I should’ve taken a picture of him screaming at the top of his lungs (yes, I know, I exaggerate sometimes, but trust me when I say he was straight up wailing. The entire train station was staring, it was embarrassing.)

They had apparently just gotten back from a rugby game and were waiting (like us) for a layover to go home. This boy starts begging (I swear he would’ve sunken down to his knees) that they just take a cab home. Begging. Di and I judged, we did.

And then I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the father was sick, maybe he was drunk, and the kid was just trying to save him from himself. Maybe this, maybe that. I made dozens of excuses for him, weak ones, but hoped against hope that this kid wasn’t as obnoxious as he seemed to be.

None of them rang true enough for me to even believe myself. He called his mom and begged her to make his dad take a cab home because it was cold and because he didn’t want to walk. The tone of his voice was such an embarrassing one…he essentially threw a tantrum in the middle of a train station on a Sunday night.

I might be coming down hard on this kid, but he is exactly what is wrong with our generation. No more, no less. I hope he grows up.

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