Hahaha So I Got My Kiss of the Day…

So I’m waiting for a call (before you go all tween-magazine on me, no, it’s not a boy) and since my school has absolutely no reception – no seriously, I made a poor pizza delivery guy wait 45 minutes because he tried calling me on my phone and I wouldn’t pick up, because…because we get NO RECEPTION. Guh. Wait a sec, going to update my How Bentley Spoils Me page…

Right. So I had to take a bus out to somewhere that definitely had reception (even Egham is iffy…), which meant it was all the way out here in Staines…at least I get to roam a bit before going home…but my grocery delivery comes around 8.

Lol, exchange-student-problems.

Anyway, I swear there’s an interesting story behind all this blabbing! So I’m sitting here trying to get some work done, but of course I get distracted because there are people and the art of people watching is so a lost one…so I get my cup of black coffee – trying to get back into that, it’s so much healthier, lol – and stare down to all the people hanging out on a Friday afternoon.

There’s just people roaming around with their kids, Catholic school teenagers going about in their blazers and skirts, your usual mall crowd.

But then – see that little booth in front of River Island? (Speaking of, the first few times I came to Staines, I was so confused by all the different stores here…no F21, no Wet Seal, no Macy’s, it was all River Island and Topshop and Dorothy Perkins and I didn’t know which I was supposed to go into – sometimes I’d go into one and have two dozen middle aged, mildly overweight moms looking back at me in confusion.

Anyway. That booth. Five minutes before I took this picture, there were two guys standing there selling something or other. And one kept looking up at me, probably because I was standing next to the railing creepily staring at people, but no matter…

Point is. He was looking at me funny and so I waved.

Because I’m odd like that.

To which he laughs and waves back, and his booth partner looks at him like he’s gone completely nutty.

Five minutes later when they’re packing up to go home, he looks back up again, so I wave goodbye. He does too, as I expected, but then he stops entirely and blows me a kiss.

Lolol and then a group of people walk by and he looks mildly embarrassed.

Made me laugh, lol. Hope you have a good weekend, sir.

And in other news.

Look at this adorable couple :)

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