The Chronicles of Edinburgh, Part VII – THE WIFI IS A LIE!

Before I left for this trip, I had what I call a top-of-the-bell-curve phone.

It had smartphone capabilities, certainly – ran the Android system, let me onto the Marketplace, blah blah blah. But oh boy it was not a smartphone. And don’t let the picture fool you as it did me – I thought ti was big, right? It looks almost as big as the HTC models…nope. It’s about the size of my palm. As in, the round part of my palm. It was a tiny little thing, but I was never much a phone person – I kept my loyalties with my music. Which unfortunately comes in an iPod. The second someone decides to come up with something as good as the iPod, I will be ditching that and going for the new thing. But so far…no luck. :(

Sorry, are my anti-Apple tendencies showing?

ANYWAY, before we start a war on this blog more intense than if I posted any sort of political argument, let’s get to the point of this post.

So when I realized that I should probably get a smartphone for my travels in Europe, my parents very kindly agreed and got me a proper smartphone.

Which means it has 4G.

My travel buddy, on the other hand, is the proud owner of an iPhone and has not been able to get it working on the UK network just yet (ha!). Which also means that she doesn’t get anything except WiFi.

Which means that our travels together are wrought with desperate searches for free WiFi hotspots.

We went into Costa because…well, because Costa is well known for having free WiFi. She went to grab a seat and I went to order…but when I came back she looked desolate and hopeless and went, “The WiFi is down.”

So while I gulped down the hot chocolate and the newly heated panini, she used my 4G.

And I thought about the sad reality of our addiction.

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