The Chronicles of Edinburgh, Part VIII – Old Friends

But after that rather demeaning post on technology, I must go on to thank goodness it exists. Like any other self-respecting teenage smart phone using Facebooker, I checked in to a great number of places while we were in Scotland. As we were crossing one of the bridges, however, I took a (rather crappy) picture of Edinburgh Castle and posted it to my timeline. :( I don’t like timeline.

20 minutes later, Sky comments with: “justina…….what are you doing here without telling me???”

Which of course led to a quick profile stalk and the realization that my childhood friend (literally, from like Kindergarten) was living in Edinburgh, was going to university in Edinburgh, and I never realized.

Oh the shamme.

But what happened afterwards made up for it :) It turns out that he was just a couple of streets away from the bakery cafe thing Di and I were sitting in at the time, so instead of staying there for another few hours like we were inevitably going to do, we went to meet Sky, who had coincidentally just gotten up (it was 4. Oh you freshman. ~_^)

He took us around to see the law school (which was the prettiest, according to him), during which we made plans for him to come visit London, because in all the time that he’s been in the UK studying at Edinburgh, he still hasn’t been to London…

He took us to see his apartment/flat/dorm/whatever you people call it here:

And then his Student Union (aka student center back home), which was a hell of a lot prettier than ours…

And realized that there was a marathon going on at the same time…

And then…well, you’ll see what we did in a few posts.

In any case, it was kind of awesome that I found him here (or he found me here? I don’t really know), and obviously completely unexpected. I never thought that I’m the type to miss people too badly, but it was nice having a friendly face that you’ve known for years, even if not incredibly well. Call me vain, but I liked that I knew things about him and vice versa. You know that feeling? That sounds creepy but I promise it’s not.

And it was nice just getting to laugh.

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