Cold Turkey

So the thing is – you all are on spring break and I’m not. Though to be perfectly honest that doesn’t change too much…but see, I have two essays due before next Friday, and after that, I should really study so I don’t fail my finals (all essays, btw!) about history and politics and geography and basically everything I haven’t glanced at for more than a second since senior year of high school.

I don’t really know why I decided to take these classes abroad with students who have been in the field for four years already, and at a higher level than I am myself! Third year classes?? Ugh.

That’s what you get for having Asian academic values pounded in your head since the day you were born, I suppose. “TAKE THE HARDER CLASS, WHY WOULDN’T YOU? Useless!”

Sigh. So yea, I have Edinburgh posts still left to upload, and a bunch of stuff from just around campus to record, but I’m going Cold Turkey, literally

It blocks websites for a whole week! And hopefully I will have both essays done by then.

See you next Wednesday? :)

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