The Chronicles of Edinburgh, Part IX – I Actually Guessed Them All…

Sky decided that we couldn’t go to Scotland without trying haggis.

What is haggis, you ask?

Well. It’s this thing,

It isn’t really supposed to be eaten on its own, so when we went into a bar and asked for it separately, the bartender looked at us funny and didn’t even bother charging us for it.

The bartender was nice, though. :D

He made us guess what was in the haggis.

And shockingly, I actually guessed everything.

Just a testament to just how Asian I am…haggis consists of heart, liver, lungs and stomach. Win.

It was actually not bad, lol – just one of those things that sounds terrible (like chicken heart or feet) but tastes delicious.

But we still had to eat something normal, so I got nachos.


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