You guys….Spain has not been nice to me.

Warning: This post is going to be extremely whiny. Please bear with me.

Remember how I said |I had 9 euros? Well, now I have about the same.

Cash points won’t take my Mastercard, I don’t have the PIN and neither do my parents (I dunno), so I can’t get money from ATMs. I went to the bank that opened this morning (closed all weekend) and all of them – ALL of them! – said that they were physically unable to get cash for me, and that I’d have to use the ATMs, which I can’t.

I did have the good fortune of finding 20 pounds in my bag, though. So at least I’m set for when I get home.

Back to England, I mean.

On top of that, I had my bag stolen in broad daylight.

Don’t worry, my bag and I are absolutely fine. More on that later.

I’m cutting the trip short and going back. :(

That being said, Spain is really gorgeous.

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