The Chronicles of Barcelona, Part I – 3AM Airporting

My flight was at 6:05 AM last Friday. Only because it was cheapest, cus believe me, if I didn’t have to, I’d never get up that early to get on a plane. At the insistence of a couple friends, I took a cab instead of taking a bus in at 12AM and waiting for six hours…best idea they’ve ever come up with.

I left my room to meet the cabbie at 2:55AM, and by the time 3:25 came along, I was already at the airport, checked in, and waiting for 5 oclock to go through security. 

I guess it’s a better thing to be there super early rather than missing your plane…

But since I had three hours to kill, I snuggled in on the cold hard floor with my pink (my mom’s, don’t judge…me…) netbook in an attempt to pass the time.

The netbook wasn’t much help in that area (no WiFi at Heathrow, if you ever needed that information) but I got to meet some guy named Gbade, pronounced “Badi” like my friend back home. His full name is actually Dr. Gbadebo Odularu (he gave me a business card ^^), how cool is that?

He just got in from France and was going back to Nigeria, and had about twelve hours (!!) to kill. He planned on spending all those hours sitting on the floor of Heathrow…I told him to at least go into Egham or something, lol. Don’t know how that turned out.

But he was nice, and it was good to have company.

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