The Chronicles of Barcelona, Part II – Pre-Boarding

After security, of course, I still had an hour or two to kill…and let me just say, being in the airport so early in the morning is a bit unnerving.

Everything that is usually busy and filled with people and cars and loud babies is just eerily quiet. The parking lots outside are dead silent, and the mannequins seem creepier than usual. I guess I never thought of the airport as having a wakeup time, but I suppose that was it.

It’s weird. Oh, and apparently the cleaning guys come through at 3AM too. On huge tractor things. I forgot to take a picture :(

I had also not eaten dinner the night before (crazy wonky sleep schedule usually translates to crazy wonky eating schedule too…), so I figured binner/dinfast was in order.

Can’t believe that people actually do this – just buy a ticket and go.

But I did.

Just wish someone was here to keep me company :P Someone fun.

Uh, this is not a chocolate chip cookie!

British Airways have really nice seats, lol. Oh, on the way back, I sat next to a lady who would almost have a panic attack every time she woke up. She’d be sleeping normally and then just jump about a foot into the air, look about frantically and apologize to everything that was within earshot.

It was strange.

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