The Chronicles of Barcelona, Part III – Hi, I’m in Spain and I have about 9 euros to my name.



So I got off the plane, right. So excited about everything (more about that later) and ready to explore Barcelona.

I see an ATM machine and decide that it’s probably a good idea to get some cash, since I have only 15pounds on me in cash (mistake #1 of many…) so I get my debit card, put it in the little slot…

And then the machine blinks.

And asks me to put my card into the little slot.

…but I already did, Machine! Don’t do this to me…you HAVE my card, you stupid 80s looking piece of crap..

But no.

My card. My beautiful bright blue debit card, the only form of money I have (kinda) was gone.

And the “Information” people were NO help. Their idea of help was saying “Nothing can be done, you have to cancel your card.” And that was that.

There’s no happy ending to this story.

Ever since I’ve ever used ATMs, it’s been my one fear – that the machine is going to eat my card and not give it back to me. But it’s usually coupled with the thought: Justina, you’re so stupid, that never happens.


And..yeah. I just exchanged my fifteen pounds for sixteen euros, bought a bus ticket to the city center, walked the rest of the way (saved two euro!) but also bought a soda (spent the two euro…)

Oh well.

It could’ve been worse.

Off to take pictures! <3

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