Strange night

Di and I came back from Brussels together on Sunday night, and just happened to bump into Dan at Waterloo train station. Di and the girls had been talking about him and Tom over the weekend, saying how cute and attractive they were and how they never saw them around campus. Coming from the same school, I couldn’t say the same, plus the fact that I share a class with them…

Dan and I had had a couple conversations before, but nothing major, but he was charming enough (and incredibly sassy) on the train back to Egham. We planned (the three of us) to get together for dinner and a movie, just because there was no one else on campus. Di cancelled at the last minute, and so we just hung out by ourselves, even though I told him she wasn’t coming in case he found it awkward and wanted to back out.

He didn’t, though the first few minutes in my room were anything but comfortable…but after a while he got settled in on my bed and picked the movie Toy Story 3 to watch because I mentioned it was the only movie I’ve ever wanted to cry at.

It was weird, I obviously didn’t know this guy but we were comfortable just lying in bed watching the movie. It was nice having a boy next to me even if it wasn’t someone I knew incredibly well. It just felt comforting.

And we drank apple vodka out of mugs.

Because we could.

It was a really odd night that involved tickle fights, Family Guy, talking about our families and being in really close proximity with someone I didn’t know in my bed. I worried at some points that I may have seemed easy, but it was just a movie, and he left around 3 in the morning.

We played two truths one lie and his second one involved the confession that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

For once it was strange having someone who wasn’t an Asian boy, if that makes sense…

I don’t know.

We haven’t talked since but it was fun when he was over. :)

Still can’t believe that happened, lol.

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