Family Time

Now, with that out of the way. Before I move on to my travels in Barcelona and Brussels and all that good stuff, a quick update on my life in London!

My entire extended family is here to visit: parents and all four grandparents (yeah, I’m really lucky). Originally, I was going to meet up with them for a few days, and then take off to travel with friends or by myself. But while I was standing in the shower one day (great place for epiphanies, by the way), I realized that I should probably stay and keep them company. Family time is always limited, after all, and Europe has always been there and as far as I know, it’ll be there for a few more years in the future, right? No big deal, I’m still young. I’m sure a Eurotrip will always been a possibility somewhere down the line.

So yeah, that’s the new plan for the month break…spending two weeks with the parents and grandparents.

My aunt and her daughter are joining us tomorrow, and to give an idea of what our family looks like…the average age of all four grandparents, my aunt and my parents, as well as me and my cousin (who’s five, by the way) is a whopping 64 years old.

That’s insanity.

They got here…two nights ago. Went to pick up one set of grandparents first, and then headed back to get the rest of the party. it was funny going into Terminal 3 at Heathrow where I waited two and a half hours the first day arriving in London for the pickup service to come get us and know exactly how to get there and how to get back. It was weird being the one picking people up at a place where mere months ago you were the person being picked up.

And I just have to say…arriving at an airport and having no one to pick you up is possibly one of the most disappointing things ever. You can always tell who expects to be picked up by family, by a significant other, or a driver. The family (or friends) are always happier and more excited, whereas those waiting for a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc always looks more anxious and then relieved. The drivers are (understandably) stuck with lackluster emotions and just a calm scanning of the crowd to look for their nameplate. And the saddest of all, those who aren’t expecting anyone – they just keep their eyes straight and circle around the group of waiting friends and family to get on their merry way.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I haven’t updated in a while – we have a lot to go through from the last few weeks, because I don’t think I’m going to have very many pictures for the next two. Taking care of the two grandmas (which is my job) leaves little time, space or attention span for lugging around a huge camera or even thinking about taking photos.

The hotel is pretty nice – I get my own room, which is a welcome break from 24/7 family time otherwise. Lets me gather my wits a bit before the next day, you know?  Pictures later, if I remember.

We went to do all the sightseeing today and yesterday, covering Buckingham, Trafalgar, Leicester, Camden Markets, and the other traditionally touristy places. Note to self: Never go market shopping with four people with an average age of eighty.

Otherwise, everything seems to be going fine. Oh. We went to a noodle place for dinner tonight, a tiny one where they could only sit around twenty people at any given time. The chefs and waiters were all pretty chill and cool and we talked a little while my family ate. As I was walking out the door, one of them goes, “Hey, leave a number or something, we can be friends!”

Yeah buddy, maybe think of that a little earlier next time. In any case, the noodles were really yum and I may go back anyways. There’s plenty of time before June 8th.

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