The Chronicles of Barcelona, Part XI – Finding Money Has Never Felt So Sweet.

So you remember how I had the ATM problem in Barcelona, right?


Did I even record that?

Just in case: let’s review real quick…

  1. Get into Barcelona.
  2. Figure cash would be nice.
  3. Go to ATM.
  4. Put card in ATM.
  5. ATM asks for card.
  6. Card is in ATM.
  7. Card does not come out of ATM.
  8. Spanish airport people are of no use.
  9. Try to use credit card.
  10. Credit card needs PIN.
  11. I have no PIN.
  12. Exchange the 15 pounds I have for 16 Euros.
  13. Make my way to the hostel on 15 pounds.
  14. Ask my parents for PIN.
  15. Parents have no PIN.
  16. Parents ask bank for PIN.
  17. Bank requires a week’s notice to give PIN.
  18. I have no money.

Fast forward to the morning after…And I found twenty pounds in my emergency kit that I had the foresight to pack myself!!

Okay, it’s not much of an emergency kit, per se. More of like a…girl emergency kit. Chapstick and hand cream and perfume and things like that. Though I also have a USB, a band aid, a swiss army knife, a Shout wipe, and of course, twenty bucks, now in every kind of currency.

So I went through the rest of the trip (which really wasn’t all that difficult, since most places took card, but it was still mildly stressful, lol) with twenty pounds and sixteen euros. And I didn’t end up using the twenty, so…sixteen Euros.


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