I always found it unfair to judge celebrities badly. Although it’s probably “unfair”, if you want to look at it that way, to judge celebrities well, too, but still, at least that’s not sending bad thoughts to the person. (I promise I’m not really that much of a cosmic thinker…but still. Karma and all that.)

People go around “hating” celebrities and I frankly don’t know why. And I hate to sound like I’m soap-boxing here (which I probably am, my apologies) but it just doesn’t make sense…if you don’t like their acting, great. Don’t watch. If you don’t like their music, awesome, just don’t listen. If it’s on the radio and it’s inescapable, deal with it…you know these things go in and out of fashion within weeks or sometimes even days.

It just seems unnecessarily mean to say you “hate” someone when all you don’t agree with is their choice in clothes or art. I’m not a total fan of Kesha (I really can’t bring myself to type that $, lol) but I can see the appeal when it’s a summer day and all you want to do is jump up and down to some loud music.

And I just went back and deleted “obnoxious” from that previous sentence. Because that’s judging, isn’t it? See? Not soap-boxing, or at least trying not to.

In any case, people “hate” Justin Bieber or Miley and I mean, sure, maybe you aren’t their target demographic (you know those are geared towards tween girls, right? And as none of the people I currently know, family aside, are tween girls…we’re not the demographic, broskis.) but that hardly means that you have to “hate” them…maybe we just don’t get the appeal.

I don’t dislike either of them – they have some too-young bubbly things, but both of them, in my opinion, are still legitimate artists in a way that I will never be. So even though I don’t have their faces anywhere on my property, I still respect both. And I really like Selena, lol :D

Pooooint is.

Miley has this really awesome song…maybe I just like it because I’m oddly into country music, but hey. Maybe you will too. :)

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