The Chronicles of Barcelona, Part XX – Back In The Day…

We found these little dancers out in the streets performing one sunny day in Barcelona.

They didn’t have a stage or very many people, didn’t have a great sound system or really anything that would make this official in any way.

But it was heartwarming to see how much fun they were having and how into it every single one of these little kids were.

It reminded me of those days way back when, when I would dress up in bright pink satin costumes and dance around with bright pink fans and blood red ribbons with almost garish makeup. We usually had a stage, though, however small or insignificant it was. There were always parents to watch (which at the time was more a curse than anything), and lots of makeup to put on. We were never asked to dance for the streets.

It was never really much fun, as these performances made me nervous and afraid more than anything, but it was fun bonding time with other girls who looked essentially the same as me:

I wonder if they’ll look back on their street dancing days and remember them fondly…or otherwise.

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