The End

…well, not quite yet.

Since maybe somewhere around the seventh grade, I’ve always had a blog. Back then it was Xanga, and I remember spending so much time just writing in it, more along the lines of an extremely public diary than anything else. At the time, the URL wasn’t anything like like it is now…used to just be

(Lol!! I just checked and it’s still there! I thought I deleted it but I suppose not…oh no, my original header image is gone! I think I put it in my Photobucket somewhere, oh my goodness these old things are all coming back to me now.)

It was a picture of Ken of F4, I remember…

That exact picture, actually. Except I made some little animations in Photoshop and…oh my goodness.

Anyway. Since the seventh grade I’ve always had some sort of blog…back then it was public, and as time went on it became more and more private, to the point where I’d go to great lengths to make sure no one ever found anything I had written. Don’t even know why, since it’s pretty hard to find something by chance on the Internet as it is.

I jumped from Xanga to Blogger to WordPress, at one point – I even had a combined WordPress with one of my friends, lol, that didn’t work out too well. There was Tumblr, which actually lasted longer than Xanga even did, I believe, not that I’m constantly on it like I was for Xanga and even this.

But this one, the one you’re reading, has been my first venture into consistent blogging since my topics were…I don’t even know…how much “Reading” class sucked? I don’t remember, it’s been a while.

You’re welcome to scroll back dozens of pages and psychoanalyze the absurdities of 8th grade Justina, if you wish…don’t know why you would, but it is on the Internet, lol.

Oh god, I just went back and scrolled a bit and it’s horrifyingly embarrassing. Jeez.

So distracted right now.

I think I sound the same. Good lord.

Point is, it’s been nice having an excuse to blog all the time again, to just talk about mindless things, because I’m abroad and I want to “remember this experience”. But it all comes to an end June 8th, which is really soon if you think about it. And then blogging won’t be to “remember the experience”, it’ll just be lame. And it’s not like I’ll have anything new to talk about. Parsippany and Waltham aren’t exactly Barcelona and Bruges…and if I do have any thoughts, they’ll probably be un-sharable. You know what I mean, right?

Better enjoy this while I can!

And I found my icon.

Oh jeez.

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