Summer’12: Froyo and Random Gratefulness

Most people think of froyo as a summer thing, right? Fruity and delicious.

But if I may be so bold…

I’d much rather like to classify it as a college thing…a winter thing even.

It reminds me of cold Boston winters and heading to Mixx. Reminds me of the Pinkberry in Harvard Square even though I’ve never actually gone in (for some reason, Pinkberry intimidates me. Red Mango doesn’t.)

Possibly most importantly, it reminds me of 16 Handles in New York City when I first had something like this with a couple very, very old friends over one Thanksgiving break many years ago.

It’s been a year of froyo.

It’s been a wonderful year for everything….

Wow, I just went to list a couple of things that I’m grateful for in the past year and I’ve realized…just now…that it really has been the best year of my life.

So…embedded within a simple unassuming fro-yo post…

It’s been a wonderful year. Since my internal calendar seems to break down years by the school calendar…we’ll start with last summer. Summer of 2011. Last look on summer of 2011 before we move forwards.

Summer 2011 – Shanghai
It was an awesomely busy summer last year after freshman year. But I got to spend it with one of my very best friends. Seeing him again every day (or almost every day) again after a year of college was refreshing and just comfortable.

Fall 2011 – Boston
Freshman year passed without much problem…but not too much joy either. Sophomore year, on the other hand…was a whole new world of new friends and the best roommates in the world. Getting closer to people that you didn’t even think you would get to know back in freshman year…trying new things and deciding that maybe they weren’t for you. Trying new things and loving it.

Spring 2012 – London
As much as being here is…different…than being at home, I know I’ll be thankful for the experience. And if I took nothing away from this whole trip except one thing, I’m glad I spent those two weeks with the family. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much time with them, constantly, with nothing to distract me. And I dunno, I guess I knew this already, but my grandparents are kind of awesome.

:) And this little guy. 

And it’s not to say that everything was perfect this year…I lost the friendship of someone I really hoped to be friends with forever. London’s been a little lonely at times. Lost touch with a lot of people I didn’t mean to lose touch with. But you know…as much as I can’t overlook the loss of friends, and I wish I could undo it, apologize and fix it, it’s been a great year. And we just need to focus on the positive. And maybe, who knows, that situation will fix itself in time. In the meantime, you’ll be in my thoughts…and I still have Christmas/birthday/summer gifts and such for you, so let me know when you want them.

Thanks, who/whatever’s orchestrating this, or if there isn’t anyone there….thanks, guys, for a great year.

    • Chesh
    • June 5th, 2012

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