20th in London (or, Flowers Are Depressing)

I’m not entirely sure why the vast majority of females like to get flowers. “Hearts and flowers”, right? The whole package?

Granted, I did buy myself flowers a couple months ago to brighten up a dark, stormy February in London but that’s different – when someone buys flowers for you, it’s more a token of sentimentality and thought rather than the practical usage of their color, don’t you think?

I don’t get flowers, lol, my friends are generally cool enough to get me something far more personal and thoughtful than that. The only person who does buy me flowers, however, and on a rather regular basis (important things: recitals, performances, graduations, birthdays, etc.) is my mom (and dad, I suppose, lol, though he’d never be the one to suggest it, I’m sure).

As such, my parents bought me flowers for my birthday a couple days ago. I was woken up by the courier knocking on my door at 10 in the morning…looking disheveled at 10AM on my birthday, fabulous.

…Eh. Might as well make this my birthday post, haha…this was the weather out that morning :) If you know me, you’d understand why this made my morning! Yeah, it poured afterwards. Happy birthday to me, indeed.

My mom bought me four boxes of butter almond cookies at Fortnum & Masons before they left, and I thought it was an appropriate time to break out a box.

In any case. The entire point of this post: the flowers! :) I actually really liked these. I don’t generally like flowers, as they always seem to convey a message that’s just slightly different from what you meant it to mean. And plus, they’re usually given in highly awkward exchanges. I don’t know how to accept flowers gracefully…anyways.

Aren’t they pretty? I never thought I liked tulips (those are tulips, right?) but they’re such a nice color. Girly but not romantic, y’kno? I’m sick of romantic, romantic is overrated. And they came in a pitcher. A pitcher! I want to bring it home with me.

Also…thank you, A. :) <3 Still sitting on my window ;)

Oh, and :) thanks for the vid-call birthday wishes, “best friends”. Still don’t believe in that term, but I’m sure “you know who you are”.

Obviously I wasn’t going to sit at my desk all day staring at flowers, so I figured it was time to venture out for the first time since I returned from London…But since there was this whole Tesco’s debacle and they refused to deliver my food order, rendering me momentarily foodless, I had to run to a grocery store on Saturday for some nourishment. And while I suppose I could’ve really just slunk into Egham and got stuff there, I was still cranky at Tesco’s, so I decided to take my business elsewhere…to Waitrose!

And then I kinda went crazy with the tea-buying.

I like tea.

Don’t accuse me of being a Brit.

Duncan. :D

I considered it a personal birthday present :)

With a birthday lunch at Costa because my parents made me go out to eat, lol.

It wasn’t the best birthday, certainly, but it was a good Saturday. And for someone who really doesn’t honor birthdays much, it was a fine day.

But back to the original point of this post…what is up with females and flowers? It’s only been a couple days since Saturday and already my flowers have started wilting. And I hate to watch it. It’s so depressing.

I mean, this was just for a birthday, but imagine if it was from a boy? In memory of a day or event or occasion? They just have to sit there and you have to watch them die, slowly, day by day, remembering that with every passing day, it’s a step away from the happiness that was the occasion of the flower giving. Gosh. So depressing.

Maybe it’s just me.

But lol, as it was just a birthday and it was just my parents, thanks parents. I liked these :)

Oh yeah, and this. Heehee.

  1. March 31st, 2013

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