A First For Everything

The only sneakers I really ever buy are Keds.

Ked Champions, actually, I think they’re called. These:

But they don’t provide much support, and I needed to walk in order to travel Europe, so I went to JD (yeah, cool store name, right?) to get a pair of sneakers. Except I’ve never gone by myself to a sneaker store to purchase sneakers…and it was mad awkward.

I walked in and stood there, looking blankly at the wall of shoes…until someone came over and asked, “Can I help you?”

And the genius in me went, “Yeah…I need sneakers.”

……..no really.

And he gave me this pitying, condescending look and goes, “Yes, what type?”

And I…I say…”Uh…do you have womens’ sneakers?”


Anyway, after he sorted out that I needed womens’ sneakers (oh jeez.), he left me on my own to look at whatever I liked…

I liked these..

And these…

And these, actually.

But they were all so…nichey. I wanted a pair I could wear with shorts and jeans, and a pair that was comfortable to travel in, you know? I love hi tops but they’re just more uncomfortable than normal sneakers.

So finally, I settled on these:

Yayyy I finally caved and got a pair of Adidas. Bucket list goal ticked off. Silly goal, I know, but I’ve always wanted a pair.

And I miss them looking like this…they’re filthy now. :(

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