Kinder, The Cure To Everything

When my dad was working in Hong Kong, my mom and I would visit him for two weeks or so every year? Half year? I don’t exactly remember.

What I do remember, however, is that every time we took a bus (which was often), I was allowed to go into the little grocery store and get a chocolate egg.

They didn’t use to be so colorful, though…the little eggs inside were a darker color, like this.

And the lettering was black and white.

Although what this thing is I can’t really say…-_-

But anyway, this is the new packaging. A lot more colorful, huh? The toy quality has fallen though ;(

And now the eggs have like. Fingerprint spots. And they’re connected. Which I suppose is more convenient but I liked the challenge.

This one yielded a stamp. Cute, I guess, but come on, I used to get entire paintbrush sets in these things. Lame…

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