The Chronicles of Brussels, Part III – Chinese Food and New Friends

My parents came to visit me a couple weeks ago, at the beginning of April. I no longer remember what I talk about on here and what I don’t, so forgive me if some of the stories don’t match up…or if they overlap.

Anyway, that was back in early April. I came to the UK January 4th…so that was four months. Four months of no Chinese food. And though I enjoy my Burger King and KFC and Baldwin Pizza (guh, I’m so up for a Baldwin Pizza run right now..) as much as anyone else, going that long without real Chinese food is actually really difficult.

So the second day of Brussels, after a terrible day, I decided to bail out of the group’s dinner plans and eat by myself.

At Happy Bhudda, the Chinese restaurant down the street from my hostel.

Got some rice with…oh I don’t know how to explain this food in English. Whoever reads this will probably know anyways.

And some jellyfish, because H-Mart is all the way in Boston and I’m really craving some jellyfish.

Well, the point is, it was a delicious, delicious meal. And the best part – I made friends with the lady…老板娘…and we talked for like two hours, in Chinese. She was super young and really chill, and talked about everything from who I’m going to marry to how she met her husband and why they were in Brussels, it was adorable.

And then, after a couple hours, she brings her son down from upstairs, sits him across from me, brings us some tea, and attempts to start a friendship.

Which she did. And so I met HengSheng. We talked for a bit, but it was kind of like that blind-date kind of talk, not that I’ve ever been on one…just like that awkward first conversation that all the rom-coms portray as so awkward, you know? Polite chatter. But he was nice and we had a lot to talk about, so when his mom suggested that we should meet up the next day and hang out, I invited him to come to Bruges with us, because he had never gone.

So he did.

And then his mom made me go home without paying for dinner.

-_- Don’t worry, though, I bought her some chocolates the next day to thank her :)

Yummy food, though!

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