Bucket List: Be in a flash mob!

If you watched that movie, Friends with Benefits (which, by the way, if you haven’t…why the hell not? Mila Kunis is in it.) you know what scene I’m going to refer to.

[Jamie shows him a flash mob at Time Square, with dozens of people joining in a synchronized dance]
Jamie: It’s nice to feel like you’re a part of something. New York can be a little bit lonely at times.
Dylan: And you’re trying to sell me on it?.
Jamie: Every place can be a bit lonely sometimes.

It’s something I’ve talked about before – the feeling of being on a team working towards a communal goal. One of the reasons I’ve always wanted to be on a sports team rather than just ballet class – in ballet, you’re for yourself. You’re the only person you care about, and the furthest you can get yourself, means the better for you. And you’re going to have to step on a few toes (heh, sometimes literally) to get there. Not that I was ever that into ballet, but you get the idea.

And piano’s the same way. Every man (or young Asian child) for him/herself. But the sports team…well that’s different. You play a role and you understand what role you are supposed to play and how important (or not) you are to the team as a whole. And while some of you may say that it’s still every man for himself when it comes to moving up the ladder, then yeah, maybe, but on the field you’re one entity.

And this is just like that.

Except…you know. Cooler and it doesn’t hurt as much.

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