Bucket List: Countryside Nights

I love cities in a way that only a suburban-raised girl can. After having spent almost two weeks with the family touring countryside-esque places in towns with fewer than sixty people…it was a relief to be back in London.

But as much as I enjoy civilization, I really want to spend a night out in the open in the countryside. I went to the west a couple times and every time we go, we always go see the big wide open plains and the mountains and as the night darkens, even before it fully does so, you can see so many more stars than when it’s 3AM back home.

And I know it’s not really…possible, but I just wish I could pitch a tent in the middle of all that quiet and just sleep there for a couple nights over the summer with a friend.

So maybe yeah, I’m not one for the completely traditional romancing, but wouldn’t this be nice? And romantic? In an intimate kind of way, with good friends, more so than all the words and alarming promises of the future.

Traditional romancing still sounds terrifying.

But I mean, when you look at this…this is what the suburbs look like, and already I think it’s gorgeous…

Imagine this.

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