Bucket List: Go on a picnic

My bucket list things really aren’t hard to accomplish, are they? But you know. I’m okay with that. It doesn’t always have to be something crazy like, lead an army out of war or something. I just want to do things that I would have otherwise maybe not wanted to do. Well, that’s not right, I want to remember do to things that I’ve always wanted to do, even if some of those things aren’t that exciting. Things that I haven’t gotten a chance to experience in my life yet, you know?

And being on a proper picnic is one of those.

I went on Tumblr to find a picture of a picnic to put on here (because I have this thing where I just don’t like posting things with no pictures. Yes, I’ve done it before, relax, but I still don’t like it, and picnics are such dreamy things that it would seem wrong to not have an accompanying picture, you know?) and I realized that there are so many…flavors of picnics.

Like this one, which would be really nice for a party or something, but is entirely too…serious. For a picnic. Maybe for a dinner out. It would be a thing all on its own.

But wow, this one…I know the lighting isn’t as wonderful and the picture quality isn’t that fantastic but oh my, if that was lunch…

Or you know. This, too. This could’ve happened, you know. Blah.

And this is just too…over the top, don’t you think? Doesn’t anyone have picnics that aren’t so flowery? And then again, Tumblr may not be the best place to look for pictures like that, huh?

And then I remembered that I had this DIY picnic basket article bookmarked and starred in Google Reader for the longest time. This is the kind of picnic I’m looking for.

Simple. Just some nice food, a thick blanket, a lot of lush grass, a big place to roam, and a couple close friends.

That always seems to be the ingredient to all my daydreams, huh. A close friend.

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