Family Time: Bath, Twice

I’ve been to Bath before. You guys know this. I have plenty of posts on it. But since my parents really wanted to go again, I decided to go ahead and go with them. And this time, instead of living in a hostel all by myself with a snowstorm going on outside, I got to live in like a six story house (though each story consisted of one room, lol…video later if you’re interested) all to ourselves.

It was awesome.

This was my bed. While I was in it.

Okay fine, this was the room that I shared with my parents. You can’t actually see my bed, but it’s a day bed further to the right.

Now, I’m one of those people who like snuggling in really thick blankets, no matter what the weather’s like outside. IT WAS SO SNUGGLY. I had like a dozen pillows and two huge fluffy blankets. You couldn’t even find me in all of it.

My aunt and cousin’s bedroom…there were better/bigger bedrooms but I took a video and not so many pictures, unfortunately. Oh, I forgot to mention, a bunch of the pictures I’m posting are actually my dad’s. When will he start using that watermark -_-

We went to the  Jane Austen museum, because if you do one thing if you go to Bath, you gotta go to the Jane Austen museum.

And check out the Roman baths, of course.

These twins were matching.

-_- Aged twenty something years and they matched. I’m sorry, but I judged.

Awww I like this :)

We cooked! Lots of food! To make up for my fail of an RHUL dinner…and it was considered my birthday dinner :) I like.

And finally, I took them to The Real Italian Pizza Co. to explain just how delicious their pizza was.

I don’t even have a picture. And now I’m craving some Bath pizza again…on a separate note, how adorable is my cousin?

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