Family Time: Day 1, Sightseeing Successsssss

Surprise, surprise – the first day of sightseeing included Big Ben, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. To be fair, everything’s within like a twenty minute walk of each other, so it wasn’t much of a “day”, but still. They/we finished everything you have to finish in London in one day. Not bad, considering their collective age was somewhere in the mid 400s.

Oh, have I gone through that with you yet?

The people who came to see me (grandparents and parents) had a collective age of 450. And if you included me, as well as my five year old cousin in the mix, our average age was ….a cool 75 years. Dang.

Outside Buckingham Palace. Tell me my grandparents aren’t cute. I dare you.

And this little guy was everywhere, marching along to god knows what. But he was like two feet tall, with an extra foot from the hat. His doting father was never too far away. So cute. A little…attention loving, but if you’re that cute, hey, you’re gonna get it anyway.

Magic fish…if you put them in water, they swim! And when you dip your finger in, they stop.

I’m sure it’s the oil, but it was still cool.

Not that I would pay fifty cents each for a piece of plastic that floats on water.

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