Family Time: Markets Galore

First of all.

My SHGrampa is awesome. Look how boss he is.

Okay, so the second day (or something, I don’t remember anymore, it’s been too long. I didn’t bring my big Lumix camera with me because it was just too big and bulky and difficult to carry, so I spent the three weeks with my parents shooting everything from my Galaxy. Which was convenient, you know, but still. Missed my camera. It’s harder to Lightroom with cell phone pictures.), my dad took us all to a day of markets.

Well, actually, he took a couple of my grandparents to an antique market in the morning, and then to the Borough Food Market afterwards for lunch.

There was mostly just raw ingredients for sale, but then we found…the duck sandwich guy.

See this guy? Up there? He’s the duck sandwich guy.

See what he makes?

This is a duck sandwich.

And oh my goodness you guys I don’t think I’ve eaten anything more delicious since…maybe Bon Chon or something. I don’t know. It was better than Bon Chon. It was. I’m going back.

We also got a corned beef sandwich…

Which was so much tastier than it sounds.

Raspberries on sale, too!

And a couple boxes of seafood curry, which really isn’t my thing, but gosh.

Borough Market makes me question all kinds of food-related ideas.


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