Family Time: My Rooms In Penzance

I was spoiled throughout the whole trip with basically having my own room at every turn. :) It was nice. Spoiling, but nice. Thanks, parents.

Anyway. I got two rooms here, the first of which was this:

It was small but look at that view. It was cozy. I really liked this room. Like, to the point I wish I could sleep in it for another week. Except not really, because it is rather small.

You guys, I miss my room back home.

Again. I dare you to tell me my grandma’s not adorable.

My dad doing what he does best….bend backward, make a face, and take a picture. Always the same scrunchy face. Like…>_o

That face.

I mean, seriously, with this kind of view, who sleeps? I think this was at like five o’clock in the morning or something…so pretty. And with the lights still on and everything….<3

After two days (one? I don’t remember) in that room, I was “upgraded” to a bigger room with a bigger bed.

You guys, seriously, I don’t like big beds. They’re too lonely.

The best part about this room, though, was the teapot!

And lots and lots of tea. Did I mention that I’ve gone a bit tea crazy these days? I know it was my drink of choice (with hazelnut creamer, thank you very much) back in high school, but I thought I had switched to coffee and then Amp in college…nope. Goin’ back to the tea. It’s delicious.

Oh, and my parents bought instant soup.

It was gross and looked like this. :(

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