Family Time: Picking Up At Heathrow Felt Really Weird

So…my family came to visit me. I think we’ve gone through this already, no?

But wait, there’s more!

Lol, I don’t know. Sorry.

Anyway. My family came to visit me. And by “family” I mean all four grandparents (yeah, I’m lucky, I know.) and my parents. My aunt and cousin came along for a couple days too, but that’s just because she had business in London. So since I call all my grandparents…grandparenty names that none of you will understand, for the sake of this blog the couple below will be called Shanghai (sorry, this feels so disrespectful…I mean no such thing…they won’t ever read this…guh. Still. The Asian child in me is wary.)

So this is Shanghai :)

They, as you might have guessed by some sheer stroke of luck, came over from Shanghai :) I see them every summer, but wasn’t going to go back home (Shanghai) this year, so it was really nice getting to see them regardless.

They did come in a couple hours earlier than my parents and the Connecticut grandparents (I’ll introduce them to y’all in a bit), so I was asked to go pick them up from the airport at Heathrow and bring them to the hotel in one (or two, or actually more like seven, since they had numerous pieces of tiny luggage).

But yeah, anyway. I went into London the day before they arrived so just I could make sure that I knew my way around without towing two grandparents and all our luggage with us…Which was actually a pretty fantastic idea.

I also overcompensate whenever I’m picking up someone somewhere, so I actually got to the airport about two hours too early. But it was fine. It was odd, though, being at the place where I myself sat for two hours not knowing how and who was going to pick me up not five months ago.

The time change was hard on them, surely, so before I left to go pick up the others at Heathrow again (the transport was like two hours one way, lolol, especially since I took the Underground instead of a cab or something) I made them some ramen and constructed a makeshift table out of an ironing board.

:\ Brought some of this for them too…I brought an entire suitcase (the tiny one though) full of food, lolol, just in case. All my clothes were in my Bentley backpack. Which, by the way, broke!


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