Family Time: The Emptiness That Is Castle Combe

We’re too young for places like this. Castle Combe, that is…I don’t remember why my parents wanted to go there, I think it was because of some movie? I don’t know. In any case, there’s only two places to eat there, and their population is about sixty.


We stayed there for a day (one night) and ate all of our meals at the hotel…I didn’t actually leave the hotel from the time we got in to the time we left, I just spent the entire time in my bed watching TV for the first time since I got to the UK.

And I mean, it was an adorable room…so cozy. No point in leaving when your room is this nice, you know? Especially when the only thing to see outside is one street…my dad showed me the pictures he took afterwards and they were literally of that one street…sixty different angles, one solitary street.

I liked my bed better. No regrets.

Cute bathroom. I know that’s weird, but I really like the ceiling.

And breakfast wasn’t bad…I don’t like English breakfasts, though….although maybe to be fair I don’t like American ones either. I just don’t like breakfast. It’s always too heavy…

This was my grandparents’ room…how gorgeous, huh?

Their bathroom…

And my parents’ room, which hated me. I think I broke myself in that room…definitely hit something on something at least four times.

And this is my family’s idea of a family tree. Get it? Get ittttt? Hah.

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