Family Time: Two Time Zones And A Knight

Uh…I don’t remember this day much.

It wasn’t…really all that interesting, plus it was just a stinky day. But we do have some obligatory pictures, so…

Greenwich, everyone!

I don’t even remember if it was this day, but my dad took me out for dinner after we went grocery shopping and let me pick whatever I wanted to eat. And since I hadn’t had sushi since January (December, really), I picked Wasabi, this fast-food sushi place.

It wasn’t really all that great, if I lived in Boston, but for five months of sushi silence, it was heaven.

And this guy, lulz.

Cooooookies :) This was a good cookie.

Me taking a picture of the two maritimers of our family. I don’t even know if that’s a word.

Google says it is not.


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