The Chronicles of Bruges, Part VII – Because Every City Needs A “Random” Post

Video :) Of course.



Look at this bike, lol, it looks like a lemon-strawberry sherbet.

Speaking of which…does anybody really know the difference between a sorbet and a sherbet? And how do you even say “sherbet”? I always say it with an r, like…”shurburt”, but that’s gotta be wrong…and for that matter, how do you say “sorbet”? I’ve heard “soar-bit” but that HAS to be wrong, right? I go with the wannabe “sorbay” but…input?

Bruges is pretty pretty, huh? Better than Brussels, anyway.

Aw, look at Heng surrounded by pretty girls :)

See, what did I tell you about the lace?

GAH, THIS. I need to do this.

We met up with Kate and Keisha :) I missed them.

And poor Caroline was all sick the whole day :(

Lol it’s funny, it might’ve been weeks since taking these pictures, but I’m actually typing with the mood I had at the time. Funny.

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