The Chronicles of Brussels, Part VII – Waffles, Round I

I was aware of Belgium being famous for two things – waffles, and chocolate.

What I wasn’t aware of were lace, fries, and a whole host of other things. Actually, that’s a lie; I just wanted to finish my sentence in one breath…they’re not really famous for all that much else. Just the lace and the fries. But we were surprised by those two, in any case.

ANYway. So the second day we were in Brussels, we decided that we should really get the “Belgian Waffle Experience” out of the way. So we took out our little travel books and decided on a place, which was here:


It was a really …classy kinda place, all with red velvet and drapes and such…

We had been looking up Belgium tourist guides the night before and came across this article about what to order when getting waffles. Apparently, all Belgians got the sugar, or “sucre” waffle, the tourists got the chocolate, and only insane people got waffles with things on top…

SO….in an effort to seem like we knew what we were doing, we all got sugar waffles.

And I mean it wasn’t terrible, but it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting a Belgian waffle to be. It was extremely airy and very crunchy, and nothing like this:

This was the best waffle I’ve ever had in my life. Even better than the one I plan on showing you in just a few posts…but it was delicious. We chose white and milk chocolate, please, no whipped cream, because that’s just how cool we are and because we were awesome together.

But then again, I may have just enjoyed it for the company.

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