The Chronicles of Brussels, Part XI – Chocolate Shops

I guess the thing with Brussels is that there just aren’t that many stories to share with y’all, so it’s just pictures.

Lots of pictures.

To make your mouth water and make you want to eat while looking at them so you can join me on the road to being morbidly obese. :)

Here you go!

Speaking of which. I got yelled at in this particular chocolate shop because I went to take a picture of the lady working the counter and as I was snapping it, she snaps at me and goes, “Well, you’re not allowed to take pictures of ME”

She wasn’t even that good looking anyway. :(

Which, heh, is why she didn’t want to have a picture taken of her.

Oooh, burn. I can be mean. Box of kittens, humph.

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