The Chronicles of Brussels, Part XIX – The Comic Museum

We went to a comic museum.

Oh. Brussels is also famous for its comics. That was the one I was missing.

I had literally zero interest in this museum…I blame it on having a terrible day, but coming here didn’t really help, either. It was just weird being somewhere where so many people around you cared so much about what they were looking at and I just saw…cartoons. And don’t get me wrong, cartoons are great, Tom and Jerry used to make my day when I was younger, but a comic museum? I just really…I really didn’t care all that much. And then I got to thinking about passions and how…I don’t know, at the time it just seemed like  I didn’t have any, you know? And now when it’s almost 2AM, it still feels like I don’t have any…

But I do, don’t I? It’s just that I’m not pursuing them at the moment. Finance and accounting is not exactly…passion worthy, you know? I mean, yes, some people love economics and finance, but who truly loves accounting? And I apologize to any of my Accounting friends who actually do love accounting, but if you do, please tell me, we need to have lunch when I get back.

I just hope that I’m not wasting my life away without actually loving something, you know? Wasting it away not loving someone is to me, acceptable, but not loving something? Not truly believing in at least one aspect of your life? Not having a goal to aspire to? Now that’s just empty.

Whoa, a little heavy for a comic museum post. I apologize. ON to the pictures? :)

And lulz, Waldo apparently changed his name and jumped ship.

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