The Chronicles of Brussels, Part XXII – (Belgaufra) Waffles, Round II

So after that disappointing run to the actual waffle shop (I still can’t remember the name of that place…) and telling Heng about it, he scolded us for buying into the touristinses and took us instead to this place, which looked uber lame and just really…eh. Fast foody.

I wanted something real, you know, not just a chain store!

But upon closer reflection, I realized that yeah, maybe the best food really is roadside, and who cares if it was a chain? Because oh my goodness, you guys, it was delicious. It was piping hot (even though it doesn’t look like it) and covered with a sugar coating. Like…like…I don’t even know. The sugar was crunchy and the waffle was soft and chewy and it was just delicious.

All for two euro.

Which I know might sound like a lot but the other was much worse. :P

I want a waffle, now.

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