The Chronicles of Brussels, Part XXIII – Random II

I’m sorry for all the “random” posts, guys, but at least they’re not all separated into dozens of tiny useless ones, right? :\ Bear with me, pl0x :)

Their iced tea was carbonated!!!

From Wikipedia:

In Belgium, Netherlands and various other parts of Europe, “Ice Tea” is the brand name of a carbonated variety of iced tea marketed by Lipton since 1978.

It wasn’t…bad…just really weird.

Wish I could’ve tried this, lol, it looks soo good. But we were on our way to the train station and glass bottles don’t do well in transport…:\

And OH my goodness, Brussels McDonalds has its…own ATM type ordering machine…too bad we didn’t get to try it out :(


And also the ugliest trees in the world.

Oh, so before I left, we headed to Leonidas one more time because Di had to pick up another box, and since I was just standing there, I asked for one piece of chocolate – Heng’s favorite, just to try, you know, since I didn’t buy any for myself. And so she gave me the one piece, and when Di saw, she just kept laughing at me.

And I remember being so wildly irritated…how is buying one piece of chocolate that ridiculous? Meh. Brussels was just not too great of a trip, I have to say..

Lol, weird street art.

I want that Santa (?) costume. And that pink elephant!!

More street art. Wow, these Europeans put a lot more thought into their graffiti than New Yorkers ever do, lol..

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