Family: Penzance Breakfast Room

We stayed at this place called the Shoreline at Penzance (in Cornwall, if you’re just joining us). The owner of the B&B was completely adorable and so sweet…she was also in charge of making breakfast every day for us. Which, by the way, was the first time I ever actually enjoyed eating breakfast. It was crazy. It may have changed my life forever.

So the system was that she left a breakfast order menu in your room every day, and you had to fill it out and return it downstairs before 11PM that night so she could cook it for the morning. I believe there were four or five options on the menu..I tried every single one of them.

Right, so obviously that’s just toast, but that’s probably the most delicious piece of toast I have ever eaten.

Hahah on top of the toast and the main dish, she always had out bowls of fruit and yogurt and just dried nuts. I usually had a cup of dried nuts/fruits, a couple pieces of toast, as well as the main dish and the tea. Yeah, eating more for breakfast than I usually do the whole day, no big deal.

And check out how ginormous this blueberry is…that’s my dad’s finger! Jeez. I didn’t eat it, I think…it looked too scary.

This was my favorite breakfast :) It was all supposed to be together, like the eggs on the muffins and the salmon on the eggs, but I don’t really like my food touching, and they’re so accommodating with personalization :)

By the way…most delicious eggs ever. I need to know how to scramble eggs like that.

I also had a meal of chocolate pancakes…or so they said. It was essentially a Nutella crepe. No, pardon, it was four crepes, with Nutella between each and on top. And while it sounds delicious…it was wayyyy too sweet. Couldn’t even finish it.

Can you tell me what’s wrong with the picture below? :D

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