Family Time: Fish & Chips in Penzance

 I don’t know about you guys, but when I think “fish & chips” I generally think of the McDonald’s generation, you know, the teens to mid thirties crowd.

Certainly not my team of 80 year old grandparents,

But that’s exactly what happened in Penzance. There was this really cool family run fish and chips store right down the street and I honestly think we had fish and chips four or five times in as many days. That’s insane. And a hellll of a lot of calories.

(Understand the diet posts from before a little better now?)

 As much as they enjoyed the fish, though, the grandparents didn’t like the “chips” or fries, as we know it, nearly as much.

The first time, my mom and I got three meals: three pieces of fish, three ginormous boxes of fries. The fries were impossible to finish, so the next time we went back we ordered essentially one of everything off the menu, including just one solitary box of fries.

By the third day in Penzance, we were fish and chips connoisseurs, really, and knew exactly what and of how many we wanted to get (seven pieces of fish, one large box of fries. Boss.)

They had the cutest sauce packets ever! Except, you know, they charged you a London quarter for them.

Literally, a London quarter. Twenty five pence, even though they don’t have quarters here, they only have coins in increments of ten. Eh. I think a post on coins is due…

 And because I’m a whiny little child, a scoop of ice cream for me. :)

 Honestly, tell me that doesn’t look delicious.

Artery clogging, certainly, but still.


Oh, Asian parents feasting on fried goods.

Thought I’d never see the day.

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