Fire Alarms.

Our building had two fire alarms go off today.


On a Monday.

I don’t know what people are trying to do with their time instead of studying, but really, does it have to cause the fire alarm to go off? It’s been drizzling all day, and everyone’s in the PJs…

Lol, the funny thing is…the first alarm went off at around 2 in the afternoon and a bunch of people came out looking like they just woke up. I’m currently in the process of trying to fix my own schedule, which meant an (attempted) all nighter last night…caved around two-ish and then again around five, rawr…probably take some melatonin and head back to sleep in a few hours. Maybe I’ll wake up at a normal morning time tomorrow…


That’s really all.

My life these days consists of getting up, sitting, and then lying back down.

Maybe it’ll pick up soon, who knows.



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