About Time To Leave

Not quite yet for the states, though I am looking forward to seeing everyone again :) Hopefully I’ll lose this abroad weight before I go back to Parsippany, though, lol, it’s enough looking in the mirror without high school friends seeing it! :(

But as the time of my last exams edges nearer, I both freak out and rejoice at the same time. I may honestly have no idea what’s going on with my exams, but I will be Euro-tripping afterwards, whether with company or without. Either way, it should be the experience of a lifetime. Although of course it’ll be better with company…..I’ll get to find out in just one more day!! (Cross your fingers ^^)

The travel books that came with me from Borders all those months ago may be heavy, but they’re so worth it.

A lot of post-its…a lot of places.

Bring it on. :)

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