Another One Of Those In-School Food Posts

I made a Sainsbury’s order a couple days ago. That was my last grocery run in the United Kingdom, I do not see why I would ever need to buy more food before I leave.

At least from a supermarket, anyway.

As proof of how bored I am of studying, check out what I did to my apple the other day! Hee. Just wanted to share.

I ordered two boxes of this seafood mix…so delicious. Already cooked. I just ate it from the box like a boss. Yummm.

Oh, and the market had these giant boxes of strawberries for 3.5 pound the other day, and I bought two boxes. So delicious.

I had this in the morning at around 10AM because my sleeping schedule is almost unbearably screwed up and I feel like dinner then. At least I’m awake and alert for 9AM…that’s all I care about at the moment. As long as I can get through 9-11AM for my exams in the upcoming days, I don’t care when my body wants to go to sleep for the rest of the 22 hours it has.


But garlic buttered steak! :)

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