Family Time: Land’s End & That Other Place I Refused To Go To

So one of the days we were in Penzance, my dad (who’s you know, the mastermind behind everything, aka the one cracking the whip on all these trips) scheduled for us to go to a little bus tour to two of the smaller towns (?) or touristy sites…

If you can’t tell, I didn’t really pay attention that day, lol, so I have no idea what any of this is.

Land’s End…is apparently…uh…aha. According to Wikipedia (as usual):

Land’s End is the extreme westerly point on the mainland of England.

Fabulous. I remember that now. And I also remember being quite not so smitten with it…similarly to what I’m feeling now. That’s great, dad, extreme westerly point? We’re like…almost the extreme easterly point in New Jersey (okay no we’re not) but you don’t seem that excited about it.

There’s even a Wikipedia article about it: Extreme points of the United States.

West Quoddy Head, Maine 44°48′55.4″N 66°56′59.2″W — easternmost point on the U.S. mainland

Main. I bet there isn’t some sort of tourist spot in Maine, huh? …Or maybe there is…ugh never mind this is going nowhere. Point is. I didn’t (and still don’t) see the point of going all the way just to stand somewhere that’s…essentially just further out than anywhere else. Or maybe I’m just moody.

I don’t recall if we left particularly early, but I do remember that I didn’t want to. And especially that early.

Although I must say…Penzance buses have realllly cushy seats! Look at all that padding!

Well I mean…I suppose in hindsight Land’s End wasn’t that bad…

All I remember doing, though, was refusing to walk any further than the entrance (which, by the way, looked like a really shoddy amusement park.) and just plopping down on one of the benches and napping.

I was dragged somewhere to do something, but I don’t recall what any of that was…but my mom did take me to the gift shop to pick out something for my birthday:)

And I got this too, because I’m…I’m weird like that. Stego! :)

Oh, and this was about the time I developed a bit of a thing with scones.

A scone, with clotted cream and jam. Ooooh, yummy. So good.

I was feeling a bit more awake after lunch, though, which meant that I skipped around and picked weeds. Yeah, I can be a girl sometimes. Sometimes.

Don’t worry, though, this is my mom’s bag. Not that much of a girl yet. :P

And everything was fine and all, after I’d woken up a bit, until…we got back on the bus. And it started driving. And it was a loong trip. And the cushions were cushiony…and I fell asleep…

So when we got off at the next place (I don’t even know where we went), I kinda just got off the bus, snapped a picture…

….and stood. Looking like…this.

At which point my parents took pity on me and let me take the same bus home.

Thank goodness.

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