My Days Don’t Make Sense Anymore.

In less of a dramatic way than you may probably be thinking.

It’s just that it hardly matters if it’s a Monday, Thursday, or a Sunday. Doesn’t matter if it’s 12AM or 12PM or even 5AM or 5PM. It’s just…endless time. Endless time to be doing things like studying, sleeping when I feel like sleeping, eating when I feel like eating, showering when my hair gets stuck in some weird shape from the clips and the hairbands I use to keep it out of my face when I’m reading…and then repeat, in no particular order.


I want a sense of time again. Of day and night, of weekday and weekend. Although, lol, I should appreciate it for the short time left I have of it, as life starts back up again in full blast the day I get back stateside.

I can’t wait.

Oh, and doing laundry when I run out of t-shirts.

It happens. :P

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