Family Time: Free Time For The First Time In Two Weeks

After schlepping everyone around for two weeks, finally my parents decided that after going to the British Museum and on the second to last day in the UK, they would grant everyone a little bit of free time. Which, for the grandparents, meant a break from the other set of grandparents as well as their kids, and for the parents meant a break from their parents but for me meant pretty much nothing.

Which was fine, you know, because I got to eat yummy food and all.

(And we bumped into one set of grandparents like three times during this “free time”. They were off to Chinatown to dim sum for lunch, how awesome?)

And go to this really cool antique book store!

It was just across the street from the museum, which means that it was a wicked good spot. In order to actually get into the shop, you actually had to ring the doorbell and the guy would come open the door for you. It was mad intimidating!

The books were insanely expensive, and insanely old. I think I picked one up and it was valued at five grand. Yikes.

So since we couldn’t actually buy anything, we headed out after a few pictures and went to some fabled Korean supermarket my dad found online. In my mind, I had envisioned some sort of H-Mart-esque food haven, complete with food courts and samples. But nope, it was the size of…well, about the same size as a high school classroom for twenty. :( Disappointing. But I still got (at my parent’s insistence) some over-priced Asian snacks, yum!

Since we were in what would probably be considered the “Korean-town” of London, there were at least half a dozen Korean places for lunch just across the street. And given the last few months of chicken, chicken, mushrooms, and more chicken, my parents also decided to treat me to some proper Asian food, even if it wasn’t quite Chinese. I like Korean food. It’s yummy and spicy. :)

Foodporn picspam? Okay!

And then (I sound like a four year old, “And then, and then, and then, mommy are you listening, and thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn….”) we went to go to Fortnum and Mason’s, because my mom wanted to get some more of those little…spiraly sweets. But my dad was getting all moody because of the rain, so he left to go home and it was just me and my mom looking at teapots.

Which was good, I suppose, because we wouldn’t have been able to look at teapots at all if my dad was there. Don’t even.

I have no idea what these are, and aside from the color they really don’t look that appetizing, but how pretty!

Oh yes. The spiraly things I was talking about.

But in any case. That was the extent of the “free time”. And then we went home. And then I bothered and bugged and nagged four very tired elderly people to come out to dinner with me again. And I won, because I’m just thattt awesome.

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