Day One, Complete.

First day of Euro trip, and although I wouldn’t say it was mind blowing or earth shattering, it was a good enough day.

I like exploring by myself more than actually walking with a tour, which comforts me in regards to my ever touted sense of stubborn independence and self sustainability but is unfortunate on that tour guides are do much more knowledgeable than I am.

I also learned, or rather confirmed, that I like standing on really tall things, things that look out over the city and into the inevitably mountainous region behind.

I wanted to wait till it got dark to take pictures from the Acropolis but unfortunately the days are way longer now….

Oh hey and today was international museum day lol everything was free! Wish I could’ve covered more ground ..

My NetBook doesn’t do Light Room well, which I need in order to post my posts will either be incredibly text based or nonexistent.

I like the text based idea…I’ll just put them in when I get back to three dorm or something. Or maybe a sudden fit of patience will hit me and I’ll end up doing it here anyway.

Found some Trip Advisor place for dinner, had a “doner” gyro broader I refuse to leave Greece with not having eaten a gyro.

And with that, I don’t remember what other pictures I have, stop when I do put them up I’ll fill in the holes.

Till then, friends, good night. :)

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