McDonalds, and I’m Not Ashamed


Drop everything now, meet me in the pouring rain.

I’m in Athens, Greece and I’m sitting by myself at a McDonalds, listening to Taylor Swift. It’s a wicked betrayal of how American I truly am. It should be embarrassing that I got up to go on a tour and bailed in the middle of it, but its actually not. I’m okay with this.

And the tour guide was terrible, trust me…it’s pouring out and I’m in Athens, for all intents and purposes I should be over the moon. But the guys voice literally lulled me to sleep every time we stopped to talk. And my jeans are soaked.


Ugh. Sorry for the picture quality lol I’m actually phone blogging for the first time ever. Putting aside the prejudice of untempered photography, it’s not bad. 

I felt like yesterday just disappeared. Like I lost a day. Which I suppose I did, lol…did nothing productive except take an exam. Lol speaking of which…I write two essays over the course of the semester…the exam questions were phrased in such a way that I literally just rewrote my essays on the exam. Score.

But after that was just getting here, the most annoying journey I’ve had in a while. I always seemed to miss the bus, train, whatever it was (thank God not the plane lol) by just a minute….I’d even watch it pull away from the curb…gahhh.



Lol airports around the world are just literally identical aren’t they. Depressing and comforting at the same time. You’d think that people would put more effort into designing and decorating a place with so many emotions running rampant all the time.



Oh and lol check out one of their metro lines:


Reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell’s point about Giuliani’s graffiti politics.

And one of the other lines has a pink color theme lol…



But anyway.

Oh good lord some McDonalds employee just came by too collect trays and I whipped around, ready to fight her for stealing my stuff right from under my nose again. Oh I’ve issues now.

It took me forever to get to the hostel because I missed the train by a minute and they only came ever half hour, and I had to talk to information before that to figure out how even get anywhere….did you realize Greece had its own alphabet system. Yes of course you did, and so did I, in the quiet and safety of my dorm at Falcone studying for those goddamn quizzes for DSP, stupid things. But I dunno, it just didn’t click.


Tell me that isn’t offputting.

The hostel was alright…there were four other girls in the room but they were all asleep by the time I got there, so I focused on one thing and one thing only – finding an outlet. Finally I found one that the air conditioning was supposed to plug into and well was well with the world…until I realized their internet was the worst I’ve ever come across. Excuse my steady wifi signal spoiledness…..



The rest of the place was okay though…didn’t even bother taking pictures of the room lol just three unimpressive bunk beds and a bathroom.

I just hope that the next place has wifi in the rooms…

Taylor Swift is nice lol. The rain has let up a bit, I think that’s cue to get my lazy butt off this stool and go do things.

Update y’all laters :)

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